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A hip-hop connoisseur's guide through corporate America.

Behind the Bars


About the Author

Lemar Ingram is an executive, entrepreneur, philosopher, and confessed hip-hop junkie. As a leader, he has learned to marry his love of music, street smarts, education, professional and life experience into a book of practical business and life advice in a format that is entertaining and resonates with readers:


The G-Code Behind the Bars

A hustler at heart, Lemar has always been artistic and creative. As a young man, his passion for music inspired him to study sound design at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). However, disillusioned with the music industry and with a taste for the finer things he reluctantly joined corporate America. There he learned the value of applying street knowledge in business and collected meaningful advice from trusted mentors along the way. As a big thinker and idea generator, Lemar has navigated the corporate world to lead at a high level, execute ideas and get paid. Using the often-underrated knowledge of hip-hop as a guide while staying true to his identity.

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